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Neutrals + Navy: Trends in Hardware 2021

Neutrals + Navy: Trends in Hardware 2021

Navy Blue Cabinet Knobs are a Rich Pop of Color

Color trends for the kitchen are changing every year. While navy and neutrals have always been a classic pair, they’re the latest colors to dominate the kitchen remodel scene in 2021. With this traditional color combination, you’ll always end up with a cohesive and timeless look for your home.

There's nothing quite like the feeling when you know, without a doubt, that you have found your perfect color palette. Picking out the right color combination for your kitchen can be daunting, but timeless palettes remain a top choice for interior designers.

Navy blue can be incorporated into your kitchen design in a number of fun and unexpected ways. Designers are turning to unique tile backsplashes, navy blue kitchen cabinets, and modern navy blue kitchen cabinet hardware to create a tasteful splash of timeless color.

Neutral finishes such as white, beige, camel and taupe work incredibly well with navy blue, while adding a hint of elegance to any kitchen design!

Knobs and Pulls for Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time. While a kitchen must be functional, it’s always vital that the space is welcoming and brings you joy. The right color combination and unique, modern cabinet hardware can help you achieve this goal.

 Navy blue kitchen with natural wood finishes and white hardware

The neutral kitchen knobs and pulls designed by Rous Hardware are created to work well with any color scheme, and navy blue kitchens are no exception. You want cabinet hardware that will go with your chosen colors and themes, while also remaining timeless and beautiful in its own right. Our selection of beige and taupe cabinet hardware are perfect for those who want to add a warm, traditional touch to their navy kitchen. 

White, charcoal, and champagne gold knobs and pulls add a modern, sophisticated look when paired with navy blue cabinets in a kitchen renovation. A new set of knobs and pulls can completely change the look of the kitchen. Investing stylish knobs and pulls for each cabinet is a sleek way to update your kitchen and achieve a trendy yet timeless aesthetic.

Hardware Ideas for White Kitchen Cabinets

If you're looking to modernize your kitchen with a sleek, new look, then you might want to consider the trendy option of sleek white cabinets paired with eclectic colorful hardware. Rous Hardware knows white cabinets don’t have enough options for unique cabinet hardware that can bring personality to the space. Pop of traditional, rich colors have been a rising design trend in recent years as they pair so nicely with the neutrals in a space. Navy blue and Olive green have the ability to be utilized in a classic, timeless fashion, but have the flexibility to bring a modern touch to a white kitchen.

Rous Hardware’s navy blue knobs are the perfect way to keep your kitchen looking up-to-date without sacrificing its classic appeal. With this color choice, you are able to have an elegant yet current color scheme that is sure to please anyone who enters your home! No matter what design style you're going for, these navy blue knobs are an excellent choice.

 modern kitchen with white cabinets and matte black hardware


At Rous Hardware, you can choose from a variety of different colors for your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls to give them a fresh look. A color often not considered is olive green, but this classic color is gaining in popularity. Our olive green cabinet hardware can be found in several elegant styles.



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