Top 5 Bathroom Soap Dishes to Elevate Your Space

Are you tired of a boring bathroom soap dish? A suitable soap dish can make a big difference in your bathroom! This blog post will show you five stylish and functional soap dishes that will keep your soap dry and your bathroom looking great. We'll also give you tips on choosing the perfect soap dish for your bathroom, considering size, color, and style. So ditch the old soap dish and upgrade your bathroom today!
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Are you worried about your bathroom soap dish? You don't need to consider it because we give you the solution. Small things like soap dishes can make your bathroom look modern and stylish.

We often overlook critical items like Soap holders. Modern Soap plates give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Today, we're discussing our top 10 choices for Soap containers.

You can choose from these options to upgrade your bathroom decor and make it look more luxurious and excellent.

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Why Soap Dishes Matter

We always ignore the soap dish as necessary, but it plays a vital role in your bathroom look and style. It'll keep your counters clean and prevent soap scum.

It also adds a luxurious look to your bathroom. Select a bathroom soap dish that improves hygiene, style, and durability. After all, you can feel a worthwhile invention for your bathroom upgrade.

Features of a Great Soap Tray


Figure: Bathroom Soap Dish

Consider some factors when selecting a soap dish for your bathroom. Different types of soap dishes usually offer various benefits. The following are some of the most essential features:

Material: Select materials that are durable and stylish. 

Design: choose a modern design that matches your bathroom decor.

Functionality: Prefer a soap plate for your soap dry and drainage holes to prevent misuse.

As you embark on your soap dish shopping journey, remember these features. They provide durability and style and allow you to personalize your bathroom space.

Top 5 modern bathroom soap dishes 

Soap dishes are available in a wide variety of designs. Each of them has different benefits. We compare them and list Soap containers that have maximum benefits and are durable and stylish. This section will discuss our picks of 10 soap dishes that will elevate your space.

Umbra Droplet Soap Dish

You can purchase the Umbra Doppler soap dish. For Soap plates, it is a good option. It uses durable, crystal-clear acrylic.

Figure: Umbra Droplet Soap Dish

It looks like glass and is more resistant to break. Its modern design easily matches any decor.

Raised ridges keep your soap dry and help extend its life. This modern, practical design ensures your soap remains firm and fresh. It avoids the sentimentality that often occurs with traditional soap dishes. 

You can easily install it for its compact size which makes it perfect for any bathroom counter or shower shelf. The Umbra Droplet Soap Dish is an excellent choice for your bathroom decor.

Alabaster Soap Dish


Figure: Alabaster Soap Dish

For bathroom decor, you can choose the  Alabaster Soap Dish. The Soap container uses high-quality ceramic. You can easily match its simple design to your bathroom decor.

The soap dish has a soft-touch coating that is easy to clean and feels better to touch. A raised ridge ensures that your soap stays dry, extending its lifespan. Compact and elegant, the Alabaster Soap tray is perfect for keeping your bathroom tidy and stylish.

Joseph Joseph Slim Soap Dish


Figure: Joseph Joseph Slim Soap Dish

The Joseph Joseph Slim is another good option for your bathroom. You can choose this dish because of its modern design and space-saving solution. Remember the bathroom's compact spaces; this soap tray design can easily fit neatly in your bathroom. It provides a sloped base and drainage holes.

It ensures that excess water flows away and keeps soap dry and firm. Its white finish always matches any bathroom decor and provides maximum functionality. You can purchase this item, which will be a worthy investment.

Yamazaki Float Soap Dish


Figure: Yamazaki Float Soap Dish

You can select this Yamazaki float soap dish for its minimalist design and high quality. Its modern design complements any bathroom decor. Durable and stylish, this soap-saver dish is perfect for your bathroom.

Its draining features keep your soap dry and lasting longer by flowing excessive water away. Despite its small size, it provides maximum functionality. The Yamazaki Float Soap Dish keeps your countertop clean and dry, ensuring your bathroom's effectiveness. 

Kassatex Lacca White Soap Dish


Figure: Kassatex Lacca White Soap Dish

You can buy the Kassatex Lacca White Soap Dish for its sophisticated and practical design. This attractive Soap holder uses a high-quality resin that gives your bathroom a glossy look. Its white design fits with any bathroom decor.

The raised edges prevent water from pooling, which helps your soap stay dry and last longer. The shower soap dish is easy to clean and highly durable. It is stylish and functional and a perfect addition to your bathroom decor.

Some Tips for Choosing the Perfect Soap Container 

Consider some factors when choosing a suitable soap dish. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect choice:

Consider Your Color Scheme:

When matching a soap tray, consider your bathroom's color palette. For example, in a brightly colored bathroom, a neutral or clear Soap plate can provide a balancing effect.

Assess Your Bathroom Size:

You can choose a wall-mounted bar soap dish for your small bathroom to save counter space. It would help if you considered the designated spacer for the dish, whether it is the shelf, the sink, or the shower. In the large bathroom, you can choose more substantial or decorative dishes.

Reflect Your Style:

Consider your general style when selecting a sop dish. You can select a simple, modern design by choosing glass, stainless steel, or white ceramic. You can select natural materials such as wood, stone, or bamboo for a rustic lifestyle. For a luxurious lifestyle, you opt for marble or polished metal.

Coordinate with Other Accessories:

You always try to match your Soap saver with other bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders, dispensers, and towel tracks. By doing that, you can give your bathroom a good look. And make it look more stylish.

Budget Considerations: 

Soap plates are available at every price point. Consider the price of the product. Paying a little more gets you a durable, high-quality product.


Upgrading to a bathroom soap dish, you can significantly enhance your bathroom's look and feel. You can make your bathroom stylish by adding a modern Soap container.

Consider your bathroom's decor and choose a Soap saver that elevates your bathroom to new heights. We'd love to hear about your favorite picks or how these Soap plates have transformed your bathroom. Share your stories and join the conversation!

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