Unique Hardware - Kitchen Decor with Green KnobsUnique Hardware - Kitchen Decor with Green Knobs - Mobile

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Discover our collection of mid-century modern hardware options designed to help you craft a space of your own.

Forward-Thinking Designs

Intentional, Unique Hardware - Black T-Bar Knob

Intentional, unique hardware designed to stand out.

At ROUS we believe that just like hardware, you deserve to be noticed.

Intentionally designed with unconventional style, our pieces were made for the outside-the-box thinker, the trailblazer, the one that is and will always be, unapologetically themselves.

Are you ready to grasp your moment?

Our unique colors and finishes

Black Circle Knob


Cold, dark gray.

Green Circle Knob


Lush, deep green.

Orange Cut-Out Knob


Bold, rich orange.

Blue Circle Knob


Deep, placid navy.

Gray Circle Knob


Soft, light gray.

White Circle Knob


Brilliant, bright white.

Kitchen Decor with Gold Accents and White Knobs

The future of hardware.

No one ever really thinks about hardware. Until now.

Discover functional, unique hardware for cabinets and drawers re-imagined, with personality.

Mid-Century Modern West Elm Dresser with Black Rectangular Knob - DesktopMid-Century Modern West Elm Dresser with Black Rectangular Knob - Mobile

Why settle for boring silver finishes?

We aren’t. At ROUS we believe that hardware should be an expression of self. A unique piece of art that embraces individuality and diversity.

Made by homeowners for homeowners, we’re re-imagining hardware to bring attention to the small details in our lives that make us each unique.

Kitchen Decor with Gold Light Accents

Made in the USA

From design to our finishing process, all of our hardware is made directly in the United States. We believe that great craftsmanship and ingenuity should always start at home.

Let's Get Creative.

Color Inspired Design - Kitchen with Grey Cabinets, Orange Knobs + Yellow Fridge

Our World of Color Inspired Design

A quick scroll through Pinterest tells us that there are two ways to have a well-styled home: First, you could be neutral and minimal, beige-washing your home in sleek lines, silver finishes, and r...
Art Deco Design - Blue Couch + Marble/Gold Table

Design Philosophy: Art Deco Design

The rooms of your home hold you in various states of rush, hustle, and movement. Your kitchen sees you frantically brewing coffee in the early morning, your bedroom dresser pulls are yanked and lef...
MCM Style - Blanket on Orange Couch

Design Philosophy: Mid-Century Modern Style

Home. The one place that should be as bold, interesting, and creative as you are. But in your homeowner journey, you’ve only seen staged kitchens and shiny-knob bathrooms that make you feel more li...

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Forward-Thinking Designs