A Buyer's Guide to High-Quality Door Knobs and Handles

When upgrading your home's decor, door knobs, and handles are often overlooked yet crucial elements. This comprehensive guide explores the importance of investing in high-quality door hardware, which offers durability, enhanced security, and aesthetic appeal. The guide covers various materials and finishes, from brass and stainless steel to crystal and glass. It also delves into different types of door hardware, including knobs, levers, pulls, and handle sets, and offers tips for choosing the right style to match your home's design. Additionally, the guide highlights top brands and provides practical buying and installation tips, ensuring you select the best options for your home.

Are you thinking about your home's look with new door knobs and handles? We always look at it like a small thing. Yet, they play an essential role in your home decor. However, choosing the right knob, they can make a big difference in style and security. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the different types of Pulls and handles. And also help you in selecting the right high-quality knobs and handles.

Table of  content 

Why Quality Matters
Materials and Finishes of door hardware
Different types of Door Knobs and Handles
Design and Style Considerations
Key Features of The Knobs and Handles
Top Brands of High-quality Knobs and Handles
Buying Tips for Handles and Knobs
Installation and Maintenance
Final Thoughts 
Common FAQ about Door Handles and Knobs

Why Quality Matters


When it comes to door hardware door knobs and handles, quality is crucial· High-quality door knobs and handles offer several benefits that make the investment worthwhile·

Durability and Longevity: Affordable handles might save you money upfront, but they often wear out quickly· Investing in high-quality options means you won't have to replace them as frequently, saving you money in the long run·

Enhanced Security: Good quality door hardware comes with better-locking mechanisms· This adds an extra layer of security to your home, giving you peace of mind·

Aesthetic Appeal: High-quality Stylish knobs and handles look better· They come in a variety of styles and finishes that can complement your home's decor, making your doors look stylish and well-finished·

Cost Savings: Although the initial cost might be higher, the durability and fewer replacements mean you save money over time·

Materials and Finishes of door hardware

You can choose the knobs and handles in various materials.  Each material has its pros and cons. Here, we look at some common materials for door hardware.


Brass:  Known for its durability and classic look, brass handles are a popular choice· They resist corrosion and are easy to maintain·

Stainless Steel: This material is strong and resistant to rust and stains· It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use·

Bronze: Offers a rustic and vintage appeal· It's durable but can tarnish over time, giving it a unique, aged look·

Crystal and Glass: These materials add an elegant touch to any door· They're less durable than metals but offer a distinctive style·

When choosing finishes for the grips, you should consider what matches your home's style· Popular finishes include polished brass, satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black· Each finish gives a different look and feel, so choose one that complements your overall decor·

Different types of Door Knobs and Handles


There are several types of contemporary handles and knobs to consider, each suited to different functions and aesthetics·

Knobs: Classic and versatile, top knobs are suitable for most interior doors· They come in various shapes and sizes·

Levers: Easier to use, especially for children and the elderly· Levers are great for interior doors and add a modern touch·

Pulls: Commonly used on cabinets and drawers, but also suitable for sliding doors·

Handlesets: These are often used for front doors and include a handle and a deadbolt for added security·

Choose the type based on where you'll install it and the level of security needed· For example, a handset is ideal for a front door, while knobs or levers work well for interior doors·

Design and Style Considerations


Your door hardware should match your home's architectural style· Here are some tips to help you choose the right door knob design:

Modern Homes: Opt for sleek, minimalist designs in finishes like matte black or satin nickel·

Traditional Homes: Classic designs in polished brass or bronze work well·

Rustic or Farmhouse Styles: Look for distressed finishes or handcrafted designs that add character·

Consider the overall decor of your home and choose door hardware that enhances it· Don't be afraid to mix and match styles for a unique look·

Key Features of the knobs and handles

You should ensure the product has these features when shopping for high-quality Grips and handles.


Ergonomics: Ensure the door hardware is comfortable to use· you can select Levers because they  are generally easier to operate than the top knob, especially for children and seniors·

Locking Mechanisms: For exterior doors, look for strong locking mechanisms for added security· Deadbolts are a good choice for front doors·

Installation Requirements: Make sure the door hardware is compatible with your doors· Check the size and type of latch or lock needed·

Brand Reputation: Stick to well-known brands that offer warranties and good customer support·

Top Brands of high-quality knobs and handles


The quality of the knobs and handles depends on the brands. Reputable brands always maintain the quality of their product. Now, here we mention some reputable brands known for their door Cabinet handles:

Rousharddware: known for their unique design and durability of their knobs. They offer a variety of knobs and handles with an attractive look. 

Kwikset: We provide the levers and handles at an affordable price. Kwikset is the best for its style and quality at a lower cost.

Baldwin: Known for their premium quality and elegant designs· Baldwin is a bit pricier but worth the investment·

Emtek: Offers customizable door hardware with various styles and finishes· Emtek is ideal if you want a unique look·

Buying Tips for handles and knobs 

When you are ready to purchase knobs and handles, you can consider the following tips to pick up the best choice. 


Shop Around: Before selecting the cabinet knob you should look at different stores and online retailers· Compare prices and read reviews to find the best deals· 

Check for Deals: Look for sales and discounts, especially during holidays or home improvement store events·

Verify Authenticity: Before purchasing the product, Make sure you're buying genuine products, especially if you're shopping online· Check the seller's reputation and look for warranty information·

Consider Warranties: Good quality door hardware often comes with warranties· This can save you money if something goes wrong·

Installation and Maintenance

Installing door knobs and handles can be a DIY project if you're handy· Here are some basic tips:

Gather Your Tools: You'll need a screwdriver, tape measure, and possibly a drill·

Follow Instructions: Each product comes with installation instructions· Follow them carefully to ensure a secure fit·

Check Alignment: Make sure the latch and strike plate align properly for smooth operation·

Maintenance is also important to keep your door hardware looking and functioning well:


Regular Cleaning: Wipe down your door handles with a soft cloth· Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the finish·

Tighten Screws: Periodically check the knobs and handles. If any loose screws, tighten the loose screws to prevent wobbly handles·

Final thoughts

Proper high-quality door knobs and handles are an investment in your home decor for your security and style. You can find perfect Levers and handles by considering materials, design, and features. You should select reputable brands to ensure the quality of your products. Purchasing the right door hardware enhances the home's look and feel. They make your living place more comfortable and secure. 

We hope this guide is helpful. Feel free to ask any questions and leave a comment. happy shopping 

Common FAQ about door handles and knobs 

What is the difference between door knobs and door handles?

Door knobs are typically round and require a twisting motion to operate, whereas door handles, also known as levers, have a long, flat design that requires a downward or upward push· Handles are often easier to use, especially for people with limited hand strength or dexterity issues·

Is it a handle or knob on a door?

It can be either, depending on the design preference and functionality needed· Knobs are more traditional and often found in older homes, while handles are common in modern designs and are considered more ergonomic·

Are door knobs or handles more popular?

Both are popular, but door handles are increasingly favored in modern and contemporary designs due to their ease of use and accessibility features· Knobs remain popular in traditional and classic home styles·

What are the three types of knobs?

The three main types of door knobs are:

Passage Knobs: Used for hallways and closets, these knobs do not lock·
Privacy Knobs: Used for bedrooms and bathrooms, these knobs have a locking mechanism·
Dummy Knobs: Decorative knobs used on doors that don't require latching·

What are the advantages of door knobs?

Door knobs offer a classic and aesthetic appeal, are available in various designs and finishes, and can be less expensive than handles· They also provide a moderate level of security and privacy, depending on the type·

Is a door knob a lever?

No, a door knob is not a lever· A door knob is typically round and requires a twisting motion, while a lever is a handle that is pushed down or lifted to open the door·

Can I replace the door knobs with handles?

Yes, you can replace door knobs with handles· However, this may require some modifications to the door and door frame to accommodate the new hardware·

What is the difference between knobs and pulls?

Knobs are small, round handles that are grasped and pulled to open cabinets or doors, requiring only one attachment point· Pulls are longer, often bar-shaped handles that require two attachment points and provide a larger grip area, making them more ergonomic·

What are the three types of door handles?

The three main types of door handles are:

Lever Handles: Operated by pushing down or lifting ·
Pull Handles: Used on sliding or pull-to-open doors·
Knob Handles: Round handles that are twisted to open·

What is considered a door knob?

A doorknob is considered to be a round or oval handle used to open and close doors· It usually operates a latch or bolt mechanism when turned, allowing the door to open or lock· 

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