ROUS Renovations: Elevate Your MCM Space with Colorful Hardware

ROUS Renovations: Elevate Your MCM Space with Colorful Hardware

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Mid Century Modern design is all about sleek lines, vibrant hues, and a touch of retro nostalgia. Every element in your home plays a crucial role in achieving that distinct MCM look, and cabinet hardware is no exception. At ROUS, we've got just the thing to infuse a pop of color and a dash of personality into your MCM-inspired space—our range of colorful hardware. In this DIY project, we'll guide you on how to utilize our vibrant hardware to breathe new life into your mid century modern furniture and elevate your space.

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Mid Century Modern furniture or cabinets
  2. ROUS's colorful hardware in your preferred hues and styles
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Measuring tape
  5. Pencil
  6. Level
  7. Optional: Paint or varnish for furniture touch-ups

Step 1: Select Your Color Palette

Pick from ROUS's diverse range of colorful hardware in hues like Polo, Rose, Copper, Snow, or Olive. Consider the existing color scheme of your furniture and room to ensure a complementary and cohesive look.

Step 2: Remove Old Hardware

Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the existing hardware from your furniture. Clean the area where the old hardware was attached to ensure a smooth surface for the new knobs or pulls.

Step 3: Measure and Mark

Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the placement of the new hardware. Measure the distance between holes to ensure accurate placement. Use a level to make sure the markings are straight.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Drill holes at the marked spots to fit the screws of your new colorful hardware. Be cautious and start with a smaller drill bit, gradually increasing the size if needed to fit the screws snugly.

Step 5: Install ROUS's Colorful Hardware

Place your chosen ROUS hardware over the holes and screw them in using the provided screws or your own if necessary. Ensure they are tight and properly aligned.

Step 6: Optional Touch-ups

If desired, consider touching up your furniture with a fresh coat of paint or varnish to complete the look and tie everything together seamlessly.


Step 7: Admire Your MCM Transformation

Stand back and admire your Mid Century Modern furniture's transformation! The vibrant hues of ROUS's colorful hardware now infuse energy and style into your MCM space.

With just a few simple steps, you've successfully elevated the aesthetics of your Mid Century Modern furniture using ROUS's colorful hardware. Enjoy the playful elegance and unique personality these knobs and pulls bring to your living spaces. Happy DIY-ing!