Why ROUS for Home Builders

Why ROUS for Home Builders

What makes a house a home? Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a recently purchased home, it’s not a cheap endeavor. When a client hires you to turn their newly built house or their fixer-upper into a proper home, they’re looking for the highest quality touches. A house becomes a home when their individual personality is infused into every detail—all the way down to cabinet hardware. 


If you’re a home builder, architect, contractor, or renovator, paying attention to the cabinet hardware, the hinges, the light fixtures, and the staging are the details that will elevate your work and set you apart. You’re a craftsman with taste, and your clients are looking for something one-of-a-kind. 


When you’re planning a new construction home, you’re likely defaulting to white kitchen cabinets with a mass-produced hardware product that is cheap and made overseas. And homeowners can tell these days when a silver cabinet knob is lower quality or just plain uninspired. Don’t skimp on hardware in style, quality, or economy. Invest in high-quality cabinet hardware that’s made locally in the United States. ROUS hardware is American-made and manufactured from only the highest quality materials and a proprietary manufacturing process. 


And to fight the “bland” factor with your silver or brass knobs? Color and shape add so much character to kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, or staged furniture pieces. Wow your potential home buyer with colored hardware like they’ve never seen before. Your white cabinets have so much to offer when combined with an olive or navy mid-century modern-inspired set of cabinet hardware. 


You and your future home buyers or clients value price, and we understand that. Our luxury, high-quality cabinet knobs and pulls aren’t at Restoration Hardware or West Elm prices (although they match their quality). ROUS hardware is affordable, luxurious, and will add dimension and creativity to your new construction home or home renovation. Our modern handles are perfect for home builds and add a beautiful touch of color to new homes. The details are what will turn a potential buyer into a signature on the dotted line. Invest in ROUS hardware for your next project.