Art Deco Design - Colorful + Intentional Kitchen

Design Philosophy: Art Deco Design

The rooms of your home hold you in various states of rush, hustle, and movement. Your kitchen sees you frantically brewing coffee in the early morning, your bedroom dresser pulls are yanked and left open. Your life moves pretty quickly, whether your house is home to simply you or your family of six.

But despite the fast-pace of life, your home wouldn’t be yours without the sky-high energy you bring to it. This is one of the reasons that we at ROUS Hardware embody the Art Deco design philosophy: 

Life is meant to be loved. Art Deco design celebrates a bold life, one that is unapologetically joyful, full, you.

The early 1900s saw the world through a rapid growth in industrialization, creating a new speed with mass-production, faster transportation, and a boom in all industries. Artists of the period saw opportunity in such machine-focused expansion:

What if we could mass produce beautiful things? Democratize creative design?

This is the same question we ask here at ROUS Hardware. When it comes to your kitchen cabinet hinges or your drawer knobs, we know you’re looking for stunning, unique design that doesn’t require you to pay hand-made prices. The Art Deco design philosophy masters providing high-quality, luxury goods to all through the meeting of art and modern production.

Our proprietary manufacturing method along with our exotic materials gives us an edge when it comes to crafting luxury hardware, the kind that allows you to make intentional, expressive choices for your home.

Art Deco design influences can be seen most clearly in our cities, in the towering Chrysler building or in the halls of Radio City Music Hall. Art Deco combines functionality and beauty, classical and contemporary. 

But we don’t believe that you need to go big to be bold—our unique hardware brings these same principles into the smallest details of your everyday life. You deserve to express yourself in every detail, from your drawer pulls to your kitchen cabinets. You don’t need to sacrifice functional simplicity for distinctive design. At ROUS, we craft our hardware with both style and use in mind.

Our design philosophy borrows some of our favorite style choices from the Art Deco movement:

Clean Lines

Geometic, clean lines give us a sense of stability, of won’t-fail functionality. We keep our knob and pull designs simple and linear so that our unique colorways shine against a backdrop of excellent structure.

Here are a few for inspiration:


L Bar


In 2022, when the functionality of your hardware is pretty much the same, you get the option to choose what feels truest to you and your preferences, rather than you functional needs. Art Deco heralded that movement. We’re focused on creating unique hardware that becomes a forethought rather than an afterthought, so that you can express your style and love for life at every detail in your home.

Celebration of Style

More than anything, Art Deco is about indulging in the joy of your unique life. Our artistic cabinet knobs and fine architectural hardware help you grasp the moment. We create intentional hardware that is designed to stand out.

The Art Deco design philosophy perfectly captures our pursuit of re-imaging the mundane. From grabbing your coffee mug from the kitchen cabinet to selecting your daily outfit from your bedroom dresser, each moment of life is available to be savored. Our hardware inspires your boldest, most authentic life.