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Design Philosophy: Mid-Century Modern Style

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Home. The one place that should be as bold, interesting, and creative as you are. But in your homeowner journey, you’ve only seen staged kitchens and shiny-knob bathrooms that make you feel more like you’re in a Lowe’s kitchen-and-bath section than a house you could make your own.

Homes lately, in everything from Pinterest to Restoration Hardware’s Instagram, are feeing uninspired. You want your home to feel like you, in every detail from the drawer pulls to the cabinet hinges.

That’s why here at ROUS Hardware, we’re re-imaging the typically mundane by crafting hardware that is unapologetically you. Our options in this century for unique hardware, online and in stores, have been lackluster to say the least. In our pursuit of crafting luxury cabinet hardware, we found inspiration from decades ago—in the Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style movement.

True mid-century modernists couldn’t call their clean lines and bright colors a “style” because, to them, mid-century modern is a philosophy before it’s a signature. 

Modernism is a philosophy that creates better living through design,” writes William Krisel, one of the key founders of the movement in the 1950s.

Design in the 1950s took a radically homeowner-focused approach, creating pieces and homes that centered human needs, environmental responsibility, and functionality. There’s a reason mid-century modern styles still appear in well-designed homes around the world—the philosophy is people-first, not design first. When your needs as a homeowner for self-expression, simplicity, and ease come first, stunning design will follow.

ROUS Hardware is built on the same philosophy: Your home should enhance your life, with standout pieces that balance simplicity and self-expression. We’ve taken the MCM principle all the way down into our drawer knobs and cabinet pulls, believing that your unique sense of style should reach into every detail of your home.

Our design philosophy relies on some of the key principles of mid-century modern style:


Life happens in your home, moments you grasp with both hands. You don’t need distraction, clutter, or the “new thing” for the sake of the new thing. You need well-crafted essentials that help you appreciate the small touches in life (not pull you away from them).


Indoor-outdoor, mixing materials—MCM design is hallmarked by the uniqueness created when two unexpected things meet. You contain multitudes; why should your kitchen hardware be any different? Our knobs and pulls incorporate exotic woods, luxury metals, and fits-to-your-hand shapes.


From homeowner to homeowner — color matters. The cold shine of silver knobs or the “everyone has this” brushed brass drawer pulls are not doing it for you any more. You’re looking for the exotic, the bright, the color you’ve never seen in on a kitchen cabinet before. We’ve made a proprietary manufacturing and finishing process that allows us to offer you a myriad of colorway options so that you can choose the style that feels right for you. With ROUS Hardware, you’ll never be limited to silver-gold-brass ever again.

Mid-century modern style philosophy is all about you and your needs and helping you live your life in the moment. Our unique hardware options help you craft a space that encourages you to truly grasp the moment, living fully in who you are.