Color Matters

Color Matters

A quick scroll through Pinterest tells us that there are two ways to have a well-styled home:


First, you could be neutral and minimal, beige-washing your home in sleek lines, silver finishes, and room to breathe.


Or, you could be colorful and maximalist, saying “yes” to every part of your personality and packing your spaces full of stuff.


Here at ROUS, we politely roll our eyes at the dichotomy. You’re a trailblazer, lover of the unconventional. You also value intentionality and simplicity. As fellow homeowners, we’re pretty fed up with having to suck up the boring silver knobs that come with choosing a selective design style.


Just like hardware, you deserve to be noticed, which is why we make color a central focus of our luxury hardware designs. When you’re designing your home, you want it to be a reflection of the unique person you are.


Color matters so much in your design process. Emotions, memories, and desires can all be shaped with the use of color. In your home, you can create a sense of welcome, calm, energy, power, or community just by choosing the right colors.


And color doesn’t have to be limited to just your decor or your paint colors. We create luxury hardware that allows you to play with color and inspiration in the smallest details of your home. Here are some of the colorways we offer and what kind of emotional environment you can create by choosing them.



Deep breaths in the Pacific North West forests. The underside of your plants leaves. The soft grass under your fingers when you were young and carefree. Olive connects us to nature like no other color, reminding us that the outdoors and the wild are experiences we can bring into our homes.



Sincere and powerful, deep and bold. Navy hardware connects us to the trustworthy, still parts of ourselves. And yet, when combined with natural wood, white drawers, or dark oak cabinets, navy blue hardware makes a statement all on its own.



Bright and warm, this dark, rich orange-brown color adds brightness and character to any kitchen cabinet or bathroom drawer. In a strong shape, this orange color has the opportunity to provide a deliberate burst of light, a clear reminder to grasp the moment and be your bold, authentic self.



Black will forever be bold, sophisticated, and competent. It’s grounded, sturdy presence creates depth in every room.



Not to be forgotten or moved to the bottom of this list, white is more than just a blank canvas or neutral addition to brightly painted cabinets and drawers. White invokes feelings of purity, cleanliness, innocence, and innovation. Against the right backdrop, white becomes a color actor all on its own.


The best part about including color in your decorating process is that it’s so dependent on context and your experiences. We give you options in shapes, styles, and colorways so that you can make the best choice for your home.