Monochromatic Styling

Monochromatic Styling

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At ROUS, we’re reimagining the ordinary, the typically mundane. And while tone-on-tone feels as one-note as you can get, we’re here to convince you otherwise. 


Call it tone-on-tone, monochromatic, or “chameleoning,” matching your kitchen cabinet knobs to the color of the cabinet or drawer they’re on is the next big trend for 2023. 


Dark living spaces have been in style for a few years now. Think about navy blue kitchen cabinets or deep olive green dining room accent walls. But cabinet and drawer hardware have been used as a statement pieces to add dimension and a pop of color, even in those dark spaces.  


But what if blending in was the point? Not fading into the scene like boring silver finishes do, but becoming completely invisible from a distance? 


With hardware that perfectly matches your cabinets, it appears like your cabinets have that sleek, Scandinavian look—but without sacrificing the essential functionality that knobs and pulls provide. This chameleon look takes minimalism to another level of chic and sophisticated. 


It’s simple to create the luxury look in your home without redoing your kitchen. Simply match your hardware to your existing cabinets. 


If you have white or natural wood cabinets, try our Snow knobs. This effect is so sharp and clean, it’s perfect to brighten any kitchen. 


For navy cabinets, our Polo knobs blend perfectly. Navy-on-navy bathroom cabinets and drawers help you stay away from the nautical theming adding white knobs can sometimes create. 


Your darkest side deserves a moment by adding Charcoal rectangle knobs to your black or dark grey cabinets. This look is utterly chic and adds a masculine edge to any room. 


Houseplant lovers rejoice, our Olive mid century knobs create a calming space on your forest, olive, or hunter green cabinets and dresser doors. 


Any other wood cabinets of varying tones can be made monochromatic by adding our Copper knobs, which amplifies the warmth in each piece. 


The chameleon, monochromatic look offers you the best of both words — sleek minimalism and ergonomic functionality. 


Explore our full range of luxury kitchen and bathroom hardware to find your perfect cabinet match and bring your chameleon look to life. 

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