Bar Knobs

Bar Knobs

Cabinet hardware can help you express your style down to the kitchen knobs and the drawer pulls. If you would describe your home decor style—especially in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom—as modern, minimalist, mid-century modern, art deco, or clean, then bar knobs are the decorative cabinet hardware choice for you. 


The long lines of a bar knob invoke the style and length of a two-point pull, without needing all the extra cabinet, drawer, or door space. They are perfect for adding height and length to small spaces or low-ceilinged rooms. 


Here at ROUS, we don’t believe that you should have to settle on any part of your home decor, luxury hardware included. We’re reimagining the mundane, starting with your drawer knobs and pulls. Explore our truly unique bar knob options, centered on our two design pillars: Mid Century modern and Art deco.  


Our colorful metal helps your kitchen bar knob hardware stand out from the crowd and grasp your moment. 


T-Bar Knob 


This mid-century modern style t-bar knob adds a soft touch to any cabinet, drawer, or door. A traditional t-bar in something standard like a silver finish can have a slender, cylindrical shape. 


Our mid-century inspired t-bar knob has more surface area to create a bolder splash on your cabinets and give your hands a more ergonomic experience when opening your cabinets or pulling your drawers open. 


The soft curve, almost oval-shape of this knob allows you to go bold with color knowing that a more organic shape balances it out. 


L-Bar Knob — Mid-Century Modern 


Our mid-century modern L-bar knob combines the organic shapes found in mid-century philosophy and the sharp lines of art deco. Imagine the height these softly rounded L-shaped bar knobs will add to your kitchen or living room, and the colorful statement they can make when you choose to go with a ROUS bold color, like Leather or Olive. 


With your 90-degree angled cabinets, the soft rounding of the l-shape knob adds a more romantic, soft touch to your decor. And it’s perfectly designed to wrap your fingers around and pull with ease. So gentle, you might not even notice—if it weren’t one of the highlights of your day. 


L-Bar Knob — Art Deco 


Art Deco is all about the bold and the geometric, and our art deco L-bar knob certainly delivers on that. Add a strong touch to your cabinets or doors—even use them as towel hooks in your bathroom or coat hooks in your hallway. These L-bar knobs are begging you to reimagine the mundane and think creatively about every part of your home. A true celebration of style, the art deco L-Bar knob in a classic color like Charcoal or Snow adds a strong, clean look to any room.