How to add Moody Luxury to your Home

How to add Moody Luxury to your Home

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So you want to make your house a home. And not “just” a home, with it’s obligatory throw pillows and boring silver knobs.  


You want a home that is distinctly you. With personality infused into every hinge and floorboard. You want edgy, you want luxury, you want unique. 


Here’s how to add those perfect touches to your home this season that capture the edgy yet luxury experience you’re going for. 


Luxury Hardware 

You spend so much of your time with your hands on cabinet knobs or drawer pulls. You deserve to have those moments be luxurious without spending your entire upgrade budget on hardware. ROUS hardware allows you to add mid century modern or art deco touches to your kitchen cabinets, bedroom drawers, closet doors, or any other space. Choose between our unique colors and finishes to craft a truly custom home luxury look for less. 

Check out our favorites: 

Olive Mid Century Modern T Bar Knob

Copper Mid Century Modern Oval Knob

Rose Art Deco Square Knob

Dark Interiors 

Nothing says edgy like a splash of dark paint. We love navy kitchen cabinets, olive green dining room walls, and black bedroom ceilings.  


Craft a moody, cozy space with dark touches. Keep the feeling “edgy” rather than “gothic” by keeping the rest of the room neutral and bright. 


High Contrast 

High contrast details add a touch of sophistication to your rooms. Consider a dark kitchen cabinet with square knobs in Snow, or a light oak dresser elevated with our mid century cut out knob in Olive or Polo.  


Straight Lines 

Geometric shapes—especially hard lines—add a sense of man-made edginess to your spaces. Bring in the same effect that cold metals or large, modern art pieces do with mid century t bar pull or a modern l shaped knob hardware for your rooms. Ergonomically molded to your hands, yet dynamic and strong in appearance. Get yours in charcoal, dove gray, bright snow, or a chic olive. 


Darker seasons invite us to bring out our darker, edgier desires—and what better place to express the moodniness, romanticism, and luxury you’re feeling than in your home? ROUS hardware offers plenty of options for an easy upgrade to modern luxury in your kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, or closet doors.  


Fall Decor

Fall calls for moody interiors, it's time to switch out our colorful flowers for deep green foliage. This season has been notorious for switching out old prints and art with darker, moodier, and even spooky themed decor. 


At ROUS, we have all the color needs to bring the moody environments into your home in this season. Upgrade your home for fall with these ideas and hardware options!