The Power of Round Knobs

The Power of Round Knobs

Turning your house into a home requires you to make so many decisions, big and small. You’re not like the other houses on the block, content with beige neutrals and boring silver finishes. You want your home—every hinge and knob—to feel distinctly like you. 


But that being said…you still need to choose kitchen cabinet knobs. And bedroom dresser pulls. And for as unique as Buster and Punch might be or as luxurious as West Elm has to offer, you need something that allows you to be creative and intentional without costing nearly $75 a knob. 


Function and luxury go hand in hand at ROUS, and we aren’t content until we’ve re-examined every overlooked piece of hardware in your home. 


Enter, the round knob. 


The most simple shape, but don’t let that fool you. Simple never means simplistic or boring at ROUS. We’ve reimagined the supposed “mundane” round knob to be it’s most unique, ergonomic version of itself. Check out our Mid Century Modern Circle Knob now! 


Round knobs are universally versatile, making them a perfect addition in any color to any room. Because of the recognizable shape, you have freedom to choose a bold color that really captures your whimsy, sincerity, or sophistication. 


We’ve reconsidered the round knob and have made ours as thin as physically possible. (Literally, we tested it). Designed for the perfect pull or grasp, but pushed to the limits of itself—just like you. 


Choose your ideal round knob in olive, copper, polo, rose, snow, or charcoal. See our mid century inspired round knobs in action below, and get to making your house a true masterpiece of a home.