Overlooked Places for a Hardware Upgrade

Overlooked Places for a Hardware Upgrade

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When it comes to home design and luxury hardware, there are a few spaces that come to mind right away: kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, or maybe bedroom dresser pulls. We order silver knobs in bulk, or a brushed brass if we’re feeling that 2019 farmhouse moment, slap them on our cabinets and drawers and call it a day.


But we believe your hardware should be designed to stand out (something you know all about). We’re leading the intentionally crafted, effortlessly unique movement in modern luxury hardware and, just like you, we refuse to stop with the traditional and the expected.


Until every touchpoint in your home is reimagine for your style and ergonomic needs, we’ll keep crafting unique hardware for all your spaces, from drawers to doors.


Here are 5 overlooked places in your home that could use a hardware upgrade:


Accordion-style closet doors

While many newer homes have swinging closet doors, older apartments and houses with lots of charm are still fitted with space-saving accordion-style doors for a closet or a laundry space. An easy way to elevate your accordion closet door is to upgrade the hardware. Add a little bit of paint, and you can transform this piece into a focal point of your room. Our Art Deco L Bar knob is designed perfectly to complement this kind of door. Add a pop of color, such as olive green to immediately elevate your possibly "antique" looking closet doors. 


Replace your silver hooks with architectural hardware pulls

In your entryway or bathroom, hanging your keys, jacket, or towels is essential. But unless you’re looking for boring silver hooks or themed mermaid bathroom hooks, adding luxury details into these spaces can be challenging. Consider drawer or cabinet hardware like a T Bar knob, L Bar knob, or even an Art Deco Square knob. Instant eye-catching upgrade.


Your office desk

If you’re the work from home type, have you checked out your desk hardware lately? If you have a desk with drawers, your hardware is likely very minimal or quite traditional. In either case, a dose of the whimsical or unexpected in the form of architectural hardware could do your work life some good. Try a bold navy blue on your natural wood desk or an modern white knob on oak wood desk.


Living space storage

In your living space, such as this older tv stand we upgraded with our copper oval knobs, there are so many details and decor options to infuse your unique personality into every nook and corner. But have you considered the hardware on your entertainment console or the cabinets on your built-ins? Think about these drawer pulls and dresser knobs as one more way to share with your guests—and remind yourself daily—your personal style and priorities. 


Now, it's time to discover the hidden possibilities that can truly elevate your style. Transform those dull, ordinary spaces into vibrant, modern havens with our colorful hardware recommendations!