How We Design at ROUS

How We Design at ROUS

Before we at ROUS are designers, craftsmen, or architects—we’re homeowners. Like you, in our pursuit of making our houses feel like homes, we’ve been underwhelmed with our options in the details like kitchen drawers pulls and cabinet handles. Why did it feel like every accessible style looked like it belonged in a Lowe’s staged kitchen, but every luxury hardware alternative only fit the Restoration Hardware neutral-only sterostyle?


We needed more. More creativity, more distinction, more options. Our first-hand experience as homeowners inspired us to disrupt the luxury hardware industry with our own unique style and color creations. Every piece we make is rooted in our philosophy of intentionality and stand-out design, supported with the core tenets of mid-century modern and art deco. Ergonomics, artistic touch, and unexpected combinations are characteristic of each drawer pull and knob.


ROUS’ luxury hardware design process starts with a need, always. The need for creative expression, the need for bold touches in the smallest details, the need for distinct design. Such as our Mid Century Modern Rectangle knob, bold and distinct all in itself. And even more than asking “why not,” we love to ask “what if?” We reimagine the mundane with our architectural hardware, transforming boring silver knobs into navy and olive square pulls, or brushed brass into exotic zebra wood drawer pulls. Whatever it takes to help you grasp the moment, we’re on it.


We don’t believe that intentional, unique design should be limited to bright paint and maximalist decor choices. You know that the best of life happens when we savor the in-between moments; we trailblaze the design of the small-yet-essential touchpoints between you and the life you love.


In our early design days, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by home itself. Your beloved couch, your heirloom table, your comfort chair—how could we shrink the form of these pieces and incorporate them into our hardware? Slopes, arches, curves, and hard lines were shrunk, separated, and reimagined into our hardware.


And as is always our signature, we asked “how far could we go” of the smallest details the hardware industry had ignored for years. How thin could we go? How steep? How durable? Pushing the envelope is how we arrive at designs that are as distinct as you are. See our reimagined T Bar knobs and our take on the timeless circle knob.


Accessibility should never be a luxury good in our book. Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn prices shouldn’t be required for high-quality, mindful hardware choices. To overcome that obstacle, we created our own proprietary manufacturing and finishing process. This allows us to source the very best materials from all around the world and treat them with the diligent care they (and you) deserve.


Ultimately, we design hardware with intentionality and creativity. We’ll never forget our experience as homeowners, seeking to cultivate an authentic home out of our blank-canvas houses. ROUS Hardware will always be here with the perfect knob, handle, or pull to help you grasp your moment.