Olive Green Kitchen Design

Olive Green Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you live in a starter home or a rented apartment, your kitchen is where you nourish your body. And, if it’s designed authentically to you, can be a place that nourishes your soul. And no color feeds the soul more than olive. 

Our design philosophy at ROUS is all about help you grasp your moment and create a space that’s authentically you, in every detail and without needing to pay Restoration Hardware prices. We meld Art Deco boldness and creativity with Mid Century Modern ergonomics and organic inspiration.  

Olive is the perfect combination of those things. Olive is grounded and earthy, while also being a chic neutral that matches any space. Whatever your personal design style, Olive is an excellent addition to your home for 2023. 

When it comes to your kitchen design, consider olive as your anchor color.  


The easiest way to have a big impact in your kitchen design is to update your kitchen hardware. Your cabinet pulls and drawer knobs. There is so much variety in hardware stores an online to find new kitchen hardware. 

Our Olive hardware is the perfect combination of high-quality and affordable hardware. Luxury hardware for the everyday homeowner. Olive comes in 7 different shapes to help you express yourself in even the smallest details. 

Add olive hardware to your neutral cabinets, or even shop Snow or Charcoal hardware to accent your olive-painted cabinets or drawers. 

Cabinets and Drawers 

One might think that the boldest statement with colored paint would be on the walls, but we beg to differ — it’s the cabinets. The built in framework of your kitchen. Add a few coats of olive paint to your cabinet doors or drawer exteriors for a bold pop of olive color. 


Splash olive, sage, or forest green across your kitchen walls for a moody, homey vibe. Olive is naturally warm and creates an intimate space that also reflects health and growth. Olive hardware on top of olive walls as towel holders or layered on cabinets and drawers creates a very sleek monochromatic look.  


Not ready to fully commit to paint for your olive upgrade? Linens are a great place to start. Grab olive dish towels, napkins, curtains, place mats, table runners and more. 

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