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Intuitive Designs: The Mid Century Modern T Bar Knob

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It’s the small details that make life memorable, from slipping into your favorite power outfit to your cabinet hardware.

ROUS Hardware offers you a number of ways for you to customize your home and put your personality on display with unique colors, exotic woods, and creative cabinet hardware shapes.  

Our T-bar cabinet pulls are the perfect detail for the homeowner living in the intersection of timeless and trailblazer.

Boring silver knobs have never been it for you, but you’ve been searching for luxury hardware to upgrade your kitchen drawers or bedroom dresser from cookie-cutter to truly unique.   

ROUS’ t-bar cabinet knobs invoke a mid-century modern feel, combining ergonomics and creativity. T-bar cabinet pulls are functionally intuitive, allowing your fingers to easily slip around the handle and access your cabinets, dressers, and drawers.

Mid-century modern philosophy is all about you and your needs, both the needs of your hands as they grasp the hardware and the needs of your soul to express yourself. 

Inspired by our Rectangle Knob and cup pulls, our Mid Century Modern T Bar knob offers an unconventional, but intentional modernatization of boring hardware.

T bar knobs are distinct, just like you, and they deserve to stand out as much as you do.

With luxurious wood and metal options and available in multiple colorways, our cabinet t pull allows you to celebrate your unique individuality. 

There’s a special moxie found in t bar pulls, something you can relate to. T bar pulls are industrial while also elevated, symmetrical and unconventional.

They integrate seamlessly into any design style, adding a contemporary feel to an otherwise traditional kitchen or a mid-century modern whimsy to an art deco living room.

Try t bar cabinet pulls in your home today to help you grasp the moment.