The Future of Home Hardware Shopping: Augmented Reality

The Future of Home Hardware Shopping: Augmented Reality

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At ROUS, we’re constantly re-imagining the typically mundane. Our kitchen knobs and drawer pulls are redefining the future of hardware—including how we shop for it.  

As homeowners like you, our imaginations were stretched too far when shopping for knobs and pulls online or even in the Lowes or Restoration Hardware showroom. Product descriptions, images, and details can only take you so far. 

We needed to know: How is this luxury piece going to look in my real home? 

How will this knob elevate my drawers? If I use these pulls on my doors, how will that look? 

We were so over trying to remember dimensions (down to the quarter inch) and imagine what they’d look like in our spaces. But you’ve curated your home so uniquely, how could simple dimensions and two photos do anything to spark your creativity and imagination?  

Enter: Augmented Reality. Or, seeing what our designs will look like in your real home, in real time. No longer rely on your imagination alone when designing your unique home, and see how our knobs and pulls will look in your kitchen, bathroom, or beyond. Try out as many options as you like without needing to engage in that buy–try–return cycle. 

Here’s how to use augmented reality (AR) to choose the best luxury hardware for your home: 

Start with Color or Shape

Let your inspiration guide you from the ROUS website. Choose from either a mid century or art deco shape you can’t stop looking at, or from a color you’ve had your eye on.

Augmented Reality - Color Collection

Mid Century Modern

View in My Space

Once you find a knob you love and select the color you want to see, click the “View in My Space” button below the main ROUS image.

Mid Century Modern Image - View in Space

An easy-scan QR code will pop up!

Mid Century Modern - QR Code

Simply open your phone camera and point it at the QR code. Press the link to follow it:


You’ll arrive at a webpage featuring the knob or pull you were looking at on your desktop or mobile device.

Tap on the “see in AR” button in the bottom left, and see your space appear! 

Follow the direction on screen to move your camera around the whole space. The augmented reality algorithm is learning about the dimensions of your space, so it can resize the knob appropriately. 

Then the knob will appear in size. You can move it around your screen so that you can see it over the appropriate drawers or dressers. You can scale it up or down to adjust the size, or you rotate it to see what the knob would look like installed at different angles.

Augmented reality is the best way to see how a new piece of luxury hardware will look in your real home. No need to upload other photos; simply walk around your home with your phone to see the knobs in action.  

Find the knobs you love and can feel totally confident will elevate your home to the next luxury level. See them in real life and make your add-to-cart experience that much more smooth. It’s time to grasp your moment, starting with AR.