Navy Blue Hardware

Navy Blue Hardware

A quick search for kitchen trends and top knobs of the year will show you page after page of navy blue. Potentially even the new black, navy blue cabinets have been a bold-yet-neutral choice for high-style homeowners everywhere over the last five years.


But as rich as navy kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers can be, their insane popularity has dulled some of the appeal for you. What once stood out in a sea of Lowes staged kitchens now is the only style you see when scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration.


We’re reimagining the mundane here at ROUS, which is why we’re skipping the navy cabinetry and are leaning all in to something more versitle and stylish:


Navy blue hardware.


Luxury hardware plateaued in the realm of shiny metals and brushed brass. Guided by our own homeowner journey and timeless design philosophies, our unique hardware helps you craft a home and lifestyle that’s truly you.


Our navy blue hardware is available in an array of shapes and styles to fit your distinct style. Color helps tell the story of your soul in your home. The depth and richness found in navy blue connects us to the sea and the night sky, to autumn florals and summer lakesides. For your dresser knobs and drawer pulls, navy blue adds a subtle flair, especially when paired with a mid-century modern design like our oval pull or an art deco style like our square knob.


Novelty cabinet knobs have expanded far beyond mermaid tails and anchor hooks. Navy blue, while an easy-on-the-eyes neutral, contributes an intentional yet whimsical detail to your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom cabinetry.


And don’t think you need to abandon your modern, eclectic decor style in favor of nautical or coastal theming. Navy blue hardware is simply timeless. Adding navy blue hardware is a unique drawer pull idea, one that turns the navy blue cabinet trend on it’s head.


Consider pairing your oval-shaped navy blue dresser knobs with light wood or a bright paint job in blush or sage. Navy blue t pulls add structure and depth to your white and glass kitchen cabinets or your natural wood drawers.


Grasp your moment with a navy blue dresser pull or cabinet handle today!