Lightwood Cabinets and Pops of Color

Lightwood Cabinets and Pops of Color

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Great hardware has the opportunity to transform a space from boring to intentional and styled. Reimagine, unique hardware can change more than just a space; it can change everything. One of our favorite trends right now in design is seeing light wood cabinets with bold, dynamic hardware or pops of color.


Light woods—like oak, maple, and birch—are the perfect backdrop for personality-pops like color and interesting shapes to shine. At ROUS, we have collections of luxury shapes in bold, expressive colors. Here are some of our favorite combinations of colored knobs on light wood.


A simple shape, reimagined. Not only is the Mid Century Modern Circle Knob classic, but we’ve elevated it with high-quality materials, impossibly thin shaping, and of course the bright colors. This minimal design is the perfect framework for a rush of navy blue. This natural combination invokes a feeling of depth, like a deep lake in an open birch wood. Bring the nuances of your personality to live with this combination.



Boring? Don’t know her. Unique both in colorways and in shape, the Mid Century Modern T Bar Knob is in a league all its own. Crafted with precision and delicate curves, this knob gives way to a soft cut-out underneath that your fingers perfectly grasp. It’s innovative and strong, yet soft and touchable. The perfect combination of masculine and feminine. Better yet, in the olive colorway, this knob adds a soft yet dynamic touch against the light oak cabinets. Whispers of a forest or grassland lingers in your kitchen with this combination, both wild and gentle.


All of our intentionally crafted pieces come in bold colorways for you to express your unique style like polo, olive, rose, copper, charcoal, and snow. Grasp your boldest moments with a strong colored knob against your minimal, stunning light wood cabinets and drawers.