Why Should I Care About Ergonomic Home Hardware

Why Should I Care About Ergonomic Home Hardware

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In 2020, we became hyper-aware of details that used to fade into the background of our lives. When we all started working from home (or at the very least, spending a ton of time in our houses), our focus shifted down to the tiniest details of our experience.  


In short, we all got obsessed with ergonomics. 


This word started showing up everywhere, describing everything from rolling chairs to desks to software. Even if you couldn’t define this word before, we bet that ergonomics are incredibly important to your mindset. 


Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. So an ergonomic chair is one designed with your working efficiency in mind. 


We’re totally obsessed with ergonomics because we love the overlap of the human experience and created materials. Ergnomically-designed furniture—including kitchen knobs and drawer pulls—is the right lens through which to view how we create homewares. Answer: With your comfort and experience front and center. 


We design ergonomic hardware at ROUS. Luxury knobs and pulls crafted with the contours of your palms, the strength of your pull, and the speed of your movements around your kitchen or bedroom in mind. The future of hardware is now at ROUS. 


Mid century modernism, one of our core pillars and inspirations, was the first movement to put ergonomics as a focus. Organic references, from nature to the human form, take center stage. We’re taking it a step further and narrowing down our entire design process to your preferences, not just aesthetically but tactily as well. Our mid century Circle Knob has been uniquely redesigned to grip easily while maintaining the thinnest, most stylish profile possible. Our L Knob and T Knobs are the perfect width for you to loosely grab with your fingers without also snagging your belt loop on them when you walk by 


Explore our entire hardware collection, both mid century and art deco inspired, to see how we infuse a user-centric approach to create truly ergonomic hardware unlike any other in the world. 


Grasp your moment, knowing every detail of your hand is accounted for in your hardware.