Olive Colored Hardware + Indoor Plants

Olive Colored Hardware + Indoor Plants

Elevating your home from stylish to truly personal is all in the details. From the art on your walls to your kitchen hardware and drawer pulls has the opportunity to stand out, just like you. Your home is where the best of life happens; every piece of furniture and hardware should help you grasp the moment. 

As a mid-centruy modern-influenced luxury hardware group, connecting your indoor living with nature and the outdoors is paramount to our philosophy. By crafting unique hardware pulls with exotics woods, ergonomic shapes, and organic-inspired colorways, we help you appreciate every moment that comes your way.

Here's a list with some of our mid century inspiration:

Mid Century Modern T bar

Mid Century Modern L bar 

Mid Century Modern Cut out 

Mid Century Modern Circle

One of the ways you create an intentional experience in your home is with plants. No matter your personal style—mid-century modern, art deco, maximalist, neutral and minimal—indoor plants add dimension and color to your environment.  To compliment your indoor forest, from your monstera to your succulents to your ferns, we suggest a hardware choice that echos the organic greens of your beloved blooms. 

All shades of green have had a moment as a paint color for bold kitchen cabinets, soft sage dresser drawers, or moody accents on walls and ceilings. It’s invocotive of springtime and has an ultimate calming effect, and the variety of available shades means it offers a lot for you to express your unique style. Greens play well with other neutral colors and unique woods making it the go-to accent color to add depth and interest to a space. 

But you are not everyone. You’re a trailblazer. Here at ROUS, we reimagine the typically mundane by creating hardware that is unapologetically you. Your moxie, your creativity, your intentionality—there’s so much to express in the space you call home. 

You resonate with green, and yet splashing it across your cabinets or on your dresser isn’t it for you. Instead of choosing a sage kitchen cabinet or a hunter bedroom dresser drawer, why not try olive colored hardware instead? 

We’ve included olive as one of our core colorway options for all of our metal hardware styles because this infusion of calming color is the perfect bold choice for every design preference. A green cabinet limits you to boring silver knobs or simple brass pulls. Our olive hardware incorporates both tradition and trailblazing, giving you a wide range of options to express your distinct style in your premium cabinet hardware. 

The Restoration Hardware look of matte black drawer pulls or bright brass doesn’t quite connect with the truly natural connection you’re looking to make with your spaces. Olive hardware is versatile—it can feel traditional and warm or modern and sleek, all depending on your preferences. Our olive t shape drawer pull adds a mid-century modern flair while our olive square knobs add a sharp art deco touch. 

Whatever conversation you want to start, olive hardware will help you do it. Inspiring, enlivening, deeply connected—you’re invited to ground yourself in the moment with luxury olive hardware.